research entrepreneurship-related simulations

In lieu of playing The Startup Game and reflecting on the experience, your task isto research entrepreneurship-related simulations and recommend some potential options for use in this course.Assignment Instructions:
Research• Use your well-developed research skills to scour the internet for providers of entrepreneurship-related simulations. Be mindful of the learning outcomes associated with the simulations you find to make sure they are relevant to the concepts in the course. Though they do not need to be designed only for the post-secondary level, it’s likely the best options will be.
Report• Once you have compiled a list of simulations, write a report outlining the best 3-4 simulationsyou found. Include the following information for each simulation:o The simulation’s name, premise, and who it was designed for.o Where and how to access the simulation (i.e. publisher, URL, cost, etc.)o It’s learning outcomes.o How the simulation is played.o Why you recommend the simulation for use in the course.
*Important: Do not include The Food Truck Challenge or The Startup Game becausethey are already being used in the course.
Assignment Submission:• Your written submission should be formatted as a Word or PDF document with a standard fonttype and size (titles and headings may be larger), double spacing, normal margins, and pagenumbers. It should be 1 pages in length, excluding your title page.• Your title page should include the assignment name, your name, the course code, theprofessor’s name, and the date of submission.
Assessment: Please carefully review the attached rubric.
ADMN 3420H – The Startup Game Alternative Assignment
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The Startup Game – Alternative Assignment (10%) – Rubric
Exemplary Competent Developing Incomplete Points1. Report: Does your report reflect thorough research and insightful recommendations?Research appearsthorough.Recommendations arevery insightful.
Research appearsadequate.Recommendations areinsightful.
Research appearssomewhat limited.Recommendationsrequire greater insight.
Research is missing orappears very limited &/orrecommendations are notinsightful.
2. Format & Organization: Is the document well-formatted, easy to read, and aesthetically appealing?Document is very wellformatted, easy to read,& aesthetically appealing.
Document is wellformatted & easy to read.
Document format needsimprovement &/or isdifficult to read.
Document format needssignificant improvement&/or is very difficult toread.
3. Writing: Is your writing clear, articulate, and grammatically correct?Writing is very clear,articulate, & contains nospelling &/or grammaticalerrors.
Writing is clear,articulate, & contains fewspelling &/or grammaticalerrors.
Writing is somewhat clear& contains some spelling&/or grammatical errors.More editing is required.
Writing is unclear &/orcontains many spelling orgrammatical errors. Muchmore editing is required./4
4. Instructions: Have you followed all instructions and included all required assignment components?Submission follows allinstructions & includes allrequired components.
Submission follows mostinstructions & includesmost requiredcomponents.
Submission follows someinstructions & includessome requiredcomponents.
Submission does notfollow instructions &/or ismissing most requiredcomponents.
Total /20