Reflective Journal: Interview of a nurse manager/leader

In leadership, a variety of personal skills and behaviors are utilized including communicating, motivating, initiating, facilitating, and integrating. The purpose of this assignment is to assess leadership characteristics of a nurse manager/leader. Use the interview guide linked below. Interview a nurse regarding their management or leadership position. (The interviewee must be a leader, but does not necessarily need to be your preceptor.) You must include both the questions and your interviewee’s answers to those questions in this assignment. In addition, you will write a personal analysis of the effectiveness of the nurse leader interviewed. This reflective journal may be written in the first person.This is the document that contains the questions you will ask of your interviewee: Interview GuideWhen discussing Covey’s Eight Characteristics of Effective Leaders, refer to this document: Eight characteristicsWhen discussing the leader’s leadership style, refer to this article: Leadership Styles