Red Zuma Project

Project:Planning and Organizing Assignment OverviewTheproject for this class is the Read: Red Zuma Project found in thisModule: Week’s Learn section. The ARC Company specializes in developingand selling a wide range of high-qualityscooters. Sales representatives report that there is a growing demand forracing scooters. ARC’s president, Robin Lane, is excited about thepossibilities and predicts that one day these kinds of razor scooters will befeatured in X-Game events. ARC is a small company and uses a strong matrix tooptimally utilitze limited manpower.Pleaseread and refer to the Read: Red Zuma Project in this Module: Week’s Learnsection for all instructions for this assignment. This project will be dividedinto 2 submissions.·Project:Planning and Organizing Assignmentwill consist of Parts 1–2Youmust submit a Microsoft Word file that contains properly labeled sections, (thatincludes appropriate screen shots from Microsoft Project), answers all thequestions, AND contains all your completed Microsoft Project files.Itis very important that you label your work as you are answering the questionsand preparing your various tables, charts, and diagrams. Credit will only begiven to the work that is clearly marked and organized.Note: Yourassignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.The tool is a starting point for instructors to check overall AcademicIntegrity and higher scores generally indicate a higher probability of AcademicMisconduct. The higher a score the higher the probability that there are toohigh a percentage of quotations included in the narrative, and/or there arepassages that have not been properly cited.