Quantitative Analysis Report

I’ve finished the introduction and literature review, your responsibility is to use STATA and the given data set to finish the rest of a quantitative analysis report. The detailed requirement and marking rubric will send to you after the order is placed.
1. Hypothesis:Ho: There is no significant relationship between advertising expenses and the profits of the firm.
2. Perform univariate analysis• Identify the dependent variable and the key independent variable in your analysis• Carry out a two-sample t-test• Carry out a nonparametric rank-sum test• Interpret the findings
3. Perform multivariate analysis• Propose an ordinary least squares regression or a logit/probit model and explain why it is a suitable choice• Propose a set of control variables (but not exceeding 3 control variables) and explain why they are relevant• Report the estimation of the model• Interpret the findings
6. Make a conclusion