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Final Project
Final Project Instructions:
There are two parts for your final project.
Final Project Part A, select one of the cases from the list below
·  Ch. 4 Linear Programming Applications in Marketing, Finance, and Operations Management: Case#1
·  Ch. 9 Project Scheduling: PERT/CPM  Case#1
Final Project Part B, select one of the cases from the list below
·  Ch.10 Inventory Models: Case#1
·  Ch.13 Decision Analysis: Case#1
The Final Project should be a minimum of four pages including a cover page with all necessary info (you MUST specify clearly the Case Problem # and titles so your instructor can identify them for grading) for the final project with a reference page. The main body should clearly address all questions asked in the managerial report of the two case# 1 problems you chose.
Your paper should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards. Please include citations to support your ideas.