QR Data on US Deportation and Unauthorized Immigrants in FFF

Complete the QR guide on the theme of Delegalization from the module reading, “Families for Freedom,” to the best of your ability. This helps you to summarize quantitative evidence that may be useful to include as part of your written response for “Families for Freedom,” which you will submit at the end of the module in the following week.DIRECTIONS: Refer to the selected information summarized for you on this QR guide providing quantitative evidence on Deportation and Unauthorized Immigrants. Answer the questions, and make note of any questions that YOU have.NOTE: Here is a short video of ME (Prof Z) working through the QR support. Yes, I actually review the proportions and write them out–feel free to write along and then answer the remaining questions. Hope it helps!Video (12 min) of ME doing QR worksheet: https://www.loom.com/share/129ea823c9364e1596af046d430d3de3SUBMIT the QR guide with your anwers, comments and any questions you have. See QR Submission on “Families for Freedom” on next page in this module. Submit there.Note: This QR guide is practice only–you may include this QR evidence as part of the Written Response on “Families for Freedom” that you will submit the following week at the conclusion of this module!