Public Health issue picked

Select a current public health issue from the Healthy People website. Healthy People 2030 | health.govCreate a 10- to 12-slide presentationTitle slide (1 slide)Introduction slide (1 slide)Provide a summary of the selected public health issue, including the affected population(s) (Overview tab). (1–2 slides)Discuss what local, state, and/or federal government health programs are responsible for addressing the issue. (1 slide)Discuss what non-governmental agencies are assisting in addressing the issue. (1 slide)Give an explanation of the need for collaboration between government and non-governmental stakeholders. (1–2 slides)Propose a minimum of three evidence-based solutions that could be used to address the health issue (use the Interventions & Resources tab to assist). (2–3 slides)Describe the challenges the stakeholders face when implementing evidence-based solutions, including but not limited to reaching the affected population(s) (target audience) and funding. (1 slide)Conclusion (1 slide)Format references in 7th edition APA style. (as many slides as needed)RequirementsYour submission is created in a Microsoft PowerPoint® presentation.To meet the objective requirements, your presentation is at least 10 slides in length,Your submission includes specific examples of concepts, topics, definitions, and other elements to demonstrate mastery of the objective.Your oral communication uses Standard English and includes a highly developed and sustained viewpoint and purpose.Communication is highly ordered, logical, and unified.Oral delivery techniques, including word choice and oral expressiveness, display exceptional content, organization, and style while leading the audience to a dynamic and supported conclusion.A document or presentation slide is submitted that contains a list of references for all sources used following proper APA citation style.Please review the APA formatting and citation style in Academic Tools – Academic Writer.Reference:Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion. (n.d.). Healthy people 2030.