Prepare a Slide Presentation on Professional Emergency Management and Disaster Response to High School Seni

You are a recruiter for a State Office of Emergency Management (OEM) assigned to make a presentation to high school seniors across your state. The presentations are geared towards motivating students to consider professional college degree programs in Emergency Management and Disaster Response as a major field of study in preparation for careers in the field.
High school guidance counselors have indicated that it is important to share information with students that focuses on the ‘KSAs’, i.e., the Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities that employers typically desire from prospective employers. To that end, it is suggested that you concentrate your presentation on the following areas:
The steps to a future in the field of emergency management as a working professional or a volunteer.An emphasis on scientific understanding on how people and organizations respond in a typical disaster.Assignment Requirements
A minimum of eight slides (e.g., PowerPoint) of substantive content, not including a title slide and a reference slide.Use authoritative resources and data (at least 4) to support your presentation.