Positive Psychology topic

Details and Instructions: (attached is a pdf file of the textbook, also please provide speaker notes as I will be reading them on through a zoom presentation )This assignment is your opportunity to applyyour learning about positive psychology using relevant research and theoreticalliterature gleaned from the text/class lectures, and 3-5 scholarly researcharticles (no more than 10 years old). you will create a presentation usingPowerPoint (or Google slides). For this presentation you will pick a topic thatinterests you about Positive Psychology either on a personal levelinvolving how positive psychology can be applied to one’s personal life; or,you may choose to do a presentation from a professional standpointon how Positive Psychology could be useful professionally (for example, in achosen career). Complete your presentation with a recorded Zoom (screen-sharingyour presentation/video on) and submit the link in the correspondingassignment section in Canvas.Here are some example topics if you choose to take the personalapplication approach in applying positive psychology:·healthy coping,overcoming adversity, romantic love and relationships, positive parenting,decreasing anxiety, strengthening spirituality/faith, forgiveness (just to namea few).Here are some example topics if you choose to take theprofessional-level approach to applying positive psychology:·volunteering, incomeand happiness, positive clinical psychology, empowerment at schools, healthyworkplaces, employee engagement, positive psychotherapy, applying positivepsychology to law enforcement, nursing/healthcare, entrepreneurship (just toname a few).Grading: Grading will include the 4Cs: clarity, content, creativity andcomplexity. Only original video recordings are acceptable—in other words, donot include any YouTube (or other videos). Professionalism is also anexpectation—plan ahead, have all your talking points along with your slidepresentation rehearsed and organized. Your grade will also be based on clarityof your writing (typo-free), appropriate level of depth and overall clarityprovided for both the verbal presentation and slide clarity and organization.You will submit this assignment in the corresponding assignment folder inCanvas. The grading rubric is below. You will submit this assignment(presentation recording link) in the corresponding assignment folder in Canvas.IMPORTANT NOTE: Your active participation is required. If you do not fullyparticipate this will negatively influence your grade on this assignment and itwill influence your Peer-feedback grade as well.Late policy:Late assignments submitted within one week after the due date willautomatically receive a 25% deduction. Assignments submitted more than one weeklate will not be accepted.