Police brutality on minorities

page 1 starts with the CURRENT EVENT REPORT not the title pageor works cited page, typed, 12 font, double space, MLA format, 3-4 articles fromreliable, well-known sources. Examples: Time or Newsweek magazines, LosAngeles or NY Times, American Sociological or Psychological Journals.Paper has a title page with identifying information regarding the class sectionnumber #5811, the student’s name, general and specific topic chosen should belisted.Paper includes an introduction, summary, conclusion and a critique. Theintroduction should introduce the topic, why you selected it and the sourceswith the authors’ emphasis. Summarize the entire contents of the sources.The conclusion is about the student’s analysis of the issue/topic. The critiqueis the student criticizing the sourcesWorks Cited page required with links to articles posted from sources.