pizzelle and cannoli

The Major Research Project asks you to research something about food that interests you. You may choose any topic related to food and food culture. You are also welcome to expand the work you’ve already done for the Primary Sources Paper. The goal of this project is to demonstrate critical thinking, research skills, and proper citation.PART 3: Research Paper (8-10 pages, at least 8 scholarly sources) – 20% of final gradeIt needs to have a specific purpose and audience of your choice.It needs to begin with a thesis statement that is specific, focused, thorough, and relevant to your topic.It needs to include a variety of types of evidence, such as facts or statistics from credible sources and examples from credible sourcesMust utilize summary, paraphrasing, synthesis, and (sparingly) quotationsIt needs to incorporate at least 8 scholarly sources, including the most relevant research from your annotated bibliographySources must appear as in-text citations and in the works cited using MLA format.General Reminders:Format your paper in MLA style, referring to the guidelines on the Purdue OWL website.To avoid plagiarism, every single sentence that contains source material of any kind needs to properly introduce it and use in-text citations. Only “common knowledge” (information generally accepted as known by most people, which people wouldn’t question the truthfulness of) is exempt.Use third person perspective throughout formal papers (except when bringing in personal experience, when you can use first person perspective. Avoid all use of “you.”)Whenever working with source material and others’ ideas in general, adopt a tone of respectfulness and professionalism. It’s important even if you disagree with something to explain it objectively and fairly and to be professional in your explanations of possible weaknesses with it or other perspectives that should be considered and why.Avoiding PlagiarismMake sure you are familiar with plagiarism guidelines as outlined in the syllabus—the work you turn in needs to be your own. Every sentence that contains source material must also contain a proper attribution to the source. Proper attribution includes both in-text and Works Cited materials.