Operations Management–Major Project

Major ProjectAssignmentChoose 1 of thefollowing 5 topics (or email to me a proposal for a different topic). This assignmentis worth 35% of your final mark. No groups, please.Your response forthe major project might vary in form. Most students will likely choose tocreate a Word document and write a full-length report. There is no minimumrequirement on the length of such a report – but you should feel like you havecovered the topic.All responses mustinclude at least a single-page executive summary and a detailed list ofreferences. The executive summary should be a complete report all on one page.The references can be in any style, but they should include all your sources,including personal interviews, if any. Your work should indicate a depth andbreadth of research in the topic. Many of the options below could be satisfiedby “telling a story” – but the story should be augmented by your reflections,and your reflections should be augmented by your scholarly research intogeneral theory and into the experiences of other firms.If you need helpfinding good material to read so that you understand more about the assignmentyou choose, please do not hesitate to ask me.The “ideal”response would be a piece of work worthy of being published as an HBR readingor HBS case study. Not that I actually think you have time to produce such aproduct between now and the due date – just think of it as the highest possiblegoal.The assignmentchoices are on the following page: (Please check the attachment.)