Nursing Knowledge of EBP in Problem solving

Critiquing research papers helps a nurse remain current in the scientific literature.Nurses can enhance their reading of research by reading more research papers participating in group critique sessions and participating in the research process.Select a topic of interest to you that has been researched .find an article on the research . I must approved the article selected before you use it for your research projects .once approved use this article for your Evidence Based Research project. The research article that you select will be used for Research Projects 1-4.
Key questions to address for Project 1
1)How will the evidence be used to identify and take action on resolving the problem ?
2)What will guide the thinking ,reasoning and decisions in this assignment ?3)What literature and resources will be used in the plan ?
Rules for submission of all papers : Must use APA format. Identify all references used Must be a minimum of 300 words. Plagiarism is not allowed.