Nursing Informatics and technology

Nurse Informaticist InterviewAssignment Instructions:In week 1, you were prompted to schedule an interview with a nurse informaticist who serves on your unit or covers your unit’s informatics needs.Note: If you are unable to interview a nurse informaticist at your facility, you can contact HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society) or AMIA (American Medical Informatics Association) for names of nursing informaticists. Questions can be sent to these contacts via email.For this assignment, please address each of the following:Title PagePresent an APA formatted title page for this assignment.IntroductionIntroduce the context of your paper.The Interview QuestionsProvide the list of questions asked of the nurse informatics that was interviewed for this assignment.The Informaticist – A Description of the RoleDescribe the role of the informaticist.Does this nurse work on your unit, if so, how do you interface with this individual on a daily basis?If not, where is this individual stationed, and how do you interface with him or her?Summary of the InterviewProvide a thorough summary of the interview question responses.Conclusion and SummaryProvide a thorough conclusion or summary statement and address each of the following questions:What were your perspectives on what the role of the informatics nurse was before this assignment?How has your perspective changed as a result of completing this assignment?What is your interest in becoming involved in informatics activities on your unit (i.e. becoming a superuser on a charting system, participating in data collection, or quality improvement)?APA Citation and Reference PageUse at least two scholarly sources to support your position and plan. Cite all references, provide a reference page, and present the paper in APA format.Grammar, Mechanics, Spelling, SyntaxProofread your work and visit the Effective Writing Center or a writing tutor to assist you in your review efforts