Draft Military Heritage Assignment Essay)1. Utilizing the Three-Part Communications Model, prepare an essay based on the approvedtopic from the attached outline (file named Villamor Heritage Outline). Please consider instructor notes and modules 1.3*** guides.2. Use the outline in the attachement and material provided in the Effective WritingStudent Guide for assistance and guidance (files labelled 1.0****.3. Write an 800 to 1,000-word essay on this topic, excluding the title page, in-text citations, andreference page.4. Format: For writing style and guidance, refer to the Effective Writing Student Guide, Module1.00. (attached)5. Write the essay in third person (i.e., use he, she, they, them, his, her instead of I, me, my, we,our, us, let’s, you, your…).6. Include an updated reference page citing all sources utilized during this assignment; minimumof three credible references. (all references are listed. you may add more if needed)7. Similarity index provided from Turnitin cannot exceed 30%, excluding title page andreferences.8. Essay must include an introduction, body (minimum three main points with a transitionsentence between the main points), and conclusion.Use the questions below as a guide to help in the development of the details.– When/where did it happen?– What happened?– Who were the key personnel or events?– What traits, principles, or characteristics made this a notable part of militaryhistory/heritage?– How did this event affect how the military conducts itself today?– How has it evolved over time to improve leaders, processes, programs, ororganizations?– How does this topic enable leaders to motivate themselves/others?– How does this apply to current operations?– Are there concepts, terms, theories, or ideas that may be unfamiliar and needadditional explanation?– Are there historical elements that need to be explored in order to provide neededcontent to highlight specific people, issues, or events for a clear foundation ofunderstanding?9. Must be completed and uploaded to Turnitin in Blackboard