Must we always obey the law?

There are 2 different discussion posts. Both need to be answered and 1 page long double spaced Discussion 1· Socrates’ Moral PrinciplesDespite the many reasons that Crito gives Socrates for escaping from prison, Socrates says that he has two moral principles that he has held all of his life (which Crito also says he shares, too). He would be a hypocrite if at this point in his life, even in jail, he broke these moral principles. They are:1) Never intentionally harm another person.2) Never intentionally return a harm for a harm received.Socrates notes that pretty much everyone can get behind principle #1. But he says that practically no one gets behind principle #2. Non-retaliation (Not returning a harm for a harm, turning the other cheek) is not a popular moral principle that people embrace.In this discussion board, explain your sense of Principle #2 — Never return a harm for a harm received. Are you aware of this principle? Can you live by it? Do you think others can live by it? What if people everywhere embraced it?Post your reflections on this moral principle and respond to at least two other posts.·Should Socrates Escape?Discussion 2Should Socrates Escape?In this discussion board. determine whether or not you think Socrates should accept Crito’s offer to escape.Your post should state: (1) your determination (stay or go), (2) why, based upon ideas from the dialogue. Use the text to help back up your decision. You may provide additional evidence from your own experience of that of other people jailed unjustly.Post your response and respond to at least two other posts.