Module 4 | Computer Science homework help

Please use attachments as reference and continue from here. Enhance the table  I have attached the table. Please code and enhance it according to the directions below,
In Module 4 you created a table, tailor-made for your personal website. In this assignment you will enhance it by adding two additional elements. View the videos in this module for specific instructions on how to do this. 
Find a short YouTube video that in some way enhances the content of the table you designed for your website. Designate a space for this video and insert it inside the table. Use the embed code from YouTube to accomplish this.
Create an approximately one-minute long video using your phone, camera, or computer and insert it in a designated space within your table.
Create a zipped folder containing all files and name it under your last name plus Assig5. Example Kalantari-Assig5. Submit your zipped folder to Module 5 Assignment link.