This link explains the difference between a fiscal year and a calendar year. For this exercise we will be using financial data from the fiscal year as both Dollar General and Best Buy use a fiscal year rather than a calendar year

Find the annual reports for the following companies:

Best Buy 2022  Fiscal Year

Dollar General 2022 Fiscal Year

 Using Excel, develop a spreadsheet detailing their; Annual Cost of Goods Sold $, Inventory Level $, and then calculate their Inventory Holding $ (use 25% of their inventory level $) and their Inventory Turnover Ratio.  Cost of Goods Sold $ can be found on the Income Statement and Inventory $ can be found on the Balance Sheet.  The Inventory holding cost and Turnover Ratio calculations must be performed in Excel using a formula.  Format your spreadsheet to look professional.

BE SURE TO INCLUDE ALL 000’S IN YOUR NUMBERS.  OFTEN THE ANNUAL REPORT WILL LIST VALUES IN THOUSANDS OR MILLIONS.  There is a short video in this Module titled Inventory Turnover Ratio – How To.  This will show you how to read an annual report and format Excel for this assignment. 

Then in a ONE PAGE EXECUTIVE SUMMARY (double spaced, Times New Roman, 12 pt font), report the amount of money each company is currently holding in Inventory (that is your Inventory Level value) and how much they spent on inventory during an entire year (that is your Cost of Goods Sold value).  Briefly explain why Supply Chain jobs are so important to companies related to the amount of money the companies have invested in inventory. 

The point of this assignment is to see how much money is being held in Inventory.  Supply Chain Management is a hot field with many well paying jobs, because the investment from the companies involved is so great.

The video below details one way to find an annual report with the appropriate financial statements. This site takes you to the Securities and Exchange Commission site where the official filings for companies are maintained. If you choose to access the financial statements from a different site that is acceptable just make sure to reference in your submission which site you used.