MeToo Movement

You will write a 2000-word analysis of one MeToo movement of your choice> Demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the readings onintersectionality and transnational MeToo movements.> Make links between the course materials and your analysis of the movement.• Cite and use at least 4 course readings from the second half of the course (Weeks8-12).• Use an additional 8 public sources minimum for your analysis of the METOOmovement of your choice.
Your essay should consist of three parts:1. Introduction2. Analysis> (1) Section 1: Offer an analytic and critical examination of theMeToo movement that you chose. : Who were the actors involved; what were the issues it raised; how did it emerge and spread widely (or not). What kinds of social response did it generate, and how can this case beunderstood in comparison to other MeToo cases in the same country? discuss whosevoices and experiences were highlighted, and whose were silenced.
(2) Section 2: Use course insights to situate the MeToo movement of your choice and the larger MeToo movement of that country in the transnational context. Out of all the course readings on MeToo which one is the most similar to the case of your choice? Which one is the most different? Why do you think it isthe case? Explicitly use and cite the relevant readings when youdiscuss the similarities and differences, and the potential reasons.
3. Conclusion