Memorializing and Visualizing America

General Answer questions in a thoughtful, clear, and complete manner by writing several full sentences and including specific examples in your responses. You are encouraged to make connections to previous assignments, other courses, and your own life experience. You may choose to use the same numbering system and include the questions in your document or you may write a more integrative, cohesive paper in response to the questions.Do not use a string of direct quotations. It is essential that you learn to paraphrase or summarize. You will be expected to use MLA in-text citations and Works Cited at the end of each assignment for the primary source article and any other articles or websites you used to develop your response. Italicize works of art, just as you would like books and film.
Assignment If you haven’t already, review the five memorials listed on the module readings page and consider them through form, content, and context. Add a timestamp to your document. In your visual analysis of each of the memorials, respond to the following questions thoroughly. Refer to the Introduction to Formal Elements PowerPoint in Module 1 as you work on this assignment.What is each memorial representing (context/history)?How does each one use visually elements, like medium, symbols, imagery, architectural elements, to make meaning?Are the memorials successful? Are the websites successful?How does each contribute to our sense of American identity?
Monumental Disagreements