Mass shooting

GUIDELINES FOR ARGUMENTATIVE PAPER FOURENGLISH 15201. Choose a topic for which you can develop a problem-based solution. This will be an argumentative essay, but you are arguing your solution. This topic should be approved by the instructor.2. Use the library’s database, books, or the internet (reputable sources end in .edu, .org or .gov; do not use Wikipedia) to find your research resources. There should be at least five sources to support your argument. Three sources should come from journals found in the library’s database. Two good sources are Points of View and Opposing Viewpoints. Both sources can be found on the library’s website. You can also interview an expert or use a documentary as additional sources. For help use the “chat with a librarian” feature.3. Your paper should give the reader a feel for why the problem is important and why your solution would solve this problem.➢ This paper must be at least 4 full pages in length (not including the works cited page).➢ Correct grammar must be used.➢ An additional citation (works cited) page must be attached (follow MLA guidelines).➢ Paper must be typewritten and double-spaced using Times New Roman 12 point font.➢ Support any arguments you present in your papers with quotes from your sources and make sure to use the correct citation format. (MLA style)➢ Although you are supporting your argument with quotes, the majority of the argument should be your own. Be careful not to plagiarize. Your similarity score should be under 20%.➢ MLA format must be used; be sure to refer to the Purdue Owl website.➢ No first-person language-you cannot refer to yourself. You should not use I think, I feel, in my opinion, it is my belief, etc. NO CONTRACTIONSDevelop your thesis statement- This is where your subject, purpose and focus all come together in a controlling idea.• A clearly stated thesis conveys your main idea (your argument).• A thesis statement is an explicit declaration (usually in 1 sentence) of the main idea. In this case, it is your position on the issue.• It will convey a single idea, clearly focused and specifically stated.• It can be thought of as a central idea phrased in the form of an assertion.• It is a claim-it indicates what you claim to be true, interesting or valuableabout your topicKeep the assignments from last week in mind as you think of your topic (problem) and solution (thesis statement)