Manage personal work priorities and professional development

1. Review your job description, business plans, business goals and policies and procedures.
In your journal, provide a list of the organization’s policies, procedures and plans that will inform team and personal goal setting.
1. Based on your job description, establish four goals [AS1] (including both personal and team goals). 
In your journal, describe how and why you established goals. Explain the value of personal and team goal-setting in Fixmycar Pty Ltd.
1. Develop KPIs to measure performance related to work goals.
In your journal, describe:
a. How the KPIs will be used to measure goal-related performance. 
a. How you will maintain performance under varying conditions and contingencies. Give specific examples. 
a. How, given your own personal strengths and weaknesses, you will capitalize on or minimize the effect of these personal traits in your work plans.
4. Consider a range of activities to advance work goals. Prioritise possible activities. Choose two work goals to develop work plans for.
In your journal, describe the process you undertook to prioritise activities. Describe competing demands and how you plan to manage these to achieve goals.
5. Referring to the template provided in Appendix 1 as an example, use Microsoft Word to develop two work plans to achieve the two goals you have prioritized. 
In your journal, describe the process of developing your plans to manage work priorities. Describe how you have used the plans to manage time efficiently.
6. In your journal, describe:
a. How you will ensure you serve as a positive role model through work planning and organisation. Give examples. Describe how your work plans serve as examples to follow in your workplace.
7. How you will maintain appropriate work–life balance, manage stress and maintain health.
Being able to balance demands that come with a busy lifestyle isn’t a walk in the park. However, by regularly reviewing and assessing one’s priorities will be of great assistance. 

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