Investment Policy Statement

Students are to create a hypothetical portfolio via link to be shared. Students are to state their age, risk tolerance and an asset allocation that coincides with this. Once selected, students are to choose no more than 15 securities to invest in, inclusive of bond funds, individual stocks and exchange traded funds. ALL investments are to be denominated in US Dollars. Students must ensure that their portfolio is globally diversified via ETFs that provide exposure to different regions as well as commodities. On week 9, students are to provide a two paragraph writeup and screenshot of their portfolio, mentioning the overall market and why their portfolio is performing the way it is (The adjusted securities are highlighted on the worksheet dated March 18). Students must adjust their portfolio during this time based on strategies learned during the course and provide a revised portfolio with explanation as to why changes were made. Students are free to send their initial portfolio for confirmation to proceed. Students are to incorporate every topic covered in the class in their portfolio and outline 5 lessons learnt during the portfolio timeframe.
Additionally, include your risk tolerance, asset allocation, why the portolio was setup the way that it is, along with the sharpe ratio.