Indigenous artist essay(Indian)

*Students will turn in one 5-7-page, double-spaced, typed essay (15% of your total grade) on the topic of how an indigenous artist’s culture manifests in his or her art. One of the most important aspects of indigenous art/storytelling is understanding where that artist/storyteller is coming from and how their background affects the content of and the way they execute their art/story to reflect their indigenous expression . Engaging with art and storytelling in this way encourages empathetic and multidimensional perspectives, richer insights into artistic motivations and world views – as well as artist/audience relationships – and more revelatory creative processes for you as an artist/storyteller.
Step 1: Pick an artistPick an indigenous artist who compels you and who you feel you have enough interest in to write an exciting essay about. This will make the essay easier for you to write! “Artist” means an actor, comedian, writer, musician, singer, dancer, director, performer, etc. Ask me for a recommendation if you are unsure of an artist to pick.
Step 2: Write your Essay*Your essay should address and answer the following questions:>Who is your artist? (Be sure, when you first introduce your artist, to mention which type of artist they are – painter, musician, performance artist, etc.)>What is his/her cultural background?>How does his/her cultural background affect how they execute their indigenous art? How is it found in their art?>>EXPLORE AT LEAST TWO of this artist’s works of art and how it manifests their indigenous cultural background.>>You must reference specific aspects of the works of art – if it’s a poem, reference some of its lines; if it’s a painting, discuss the colors, etc. BE SPECIFIC. No generalizations.>>Conclude by assessing how this artist tackling their cultural background in their indigenous art adds insight into their indigenous culture, and benefits society in a way.
REQUIREMENTS:*Due April 7th (each day that an essay is late, 3 pts off its total grade; no essays accepted more than 1 week after the due date)*At least 5 FULL pages, no more than 7; 3 points off for not meeting the minimum or going over*Double-spaced*12-point font (normal sized, no Courier)*Header (Name, date, etc.)*Page numbers
*THESIS STATEMENT UNDERLINED (Thesis statement should be in the first paragraph of your essay and encapsulates what your entire essay will be about – in it you must reference your artist and how his/her background manifests in his/her works of art.
**Every point in your essay should tie back to supporting your thesis statement**>>Will be more specific on this in the essay outline prompt and feedback