identify a few people who are involved in policy formulation.

Hopefully, you have been able to identify a few people who are involved in policy formulation. Certainly, you can interview someone you know who is involved in politics or any political agency. However, policy formulation is not limited to politicians. Do you know someone who is a political activist or a member of the Widener student government?You will need to interview this person and ask at least six (6) questions about his or her role in policy formulation. Changing Faces(Links to an external site.)provides some strong questions for consideration. Then, you will capture this interview in a 3-5 page document.Follow the outline provided to format your composition. Be sure to use APA 7th edition formatting. Thus, you will begin with a title page and end with a reference page if you use references. Be sure to double space.Content Outline:I. An overview of policy makingII. Biography of the person, include the person’s role in policy formulationIII. Question 1IV. AnswerV. Question 2VI. AnswerVII. Question 3VIII. AnswerIX. Question 4X. AnswerXI. Question 5XII. AnswerXIII. Question 6XIV. AnswerXV. Discussion of what you learned from the interview experienceXVI. ConclusionXVII. References, if applicable