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Page 575 of Sargeant & Shang lists the components of a grant proposal. One of the most technical sections that grantwriters need to navigate is the Objectives section. The Objectives section of a grant proposal specifies what the project will accomplish in quantitative terms. People sometimes refer to these quantitative measures as SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Scaled. Refer to the following blog post for examples of SMART goals: https://granttrainingcenter.com/blog/developing-smart-objectives/.
Now take a look at this need statement from the (imaginary) organization Connecticut Cares about the Nature. You’ll use this statement to practice developing SMART goals:
A 2018 report from the Connecticut Environmental Protection Agency showed that the Town of Yalesburg, CT ranked among the worst in the state over a 3-year average for: violation of littering ordinances, use of public transportation, participation in park clean-up days, and percent of people who recycle. A Yalesburg environmental focus group found that communication between the Town and the community about environmental responsibility is lacking. There is a need for information on: recycling, alternative transportation, disposal of litter, and park preservation. Furthermore, the focus group indicated that our organization, Connecticut Cares about Nature, could be helpful in providing training and outreach to communities in Yalesburg. In order to meet this need, Connecticut Cares about Nature proposes an outreach and education project to reach out to the citizens of Yalesburg to educate them about environmental initiatives carried out by the Town and the ways in which citizens can partner with the Town to further environmental responsibility.
Using your learning from the chapters as well as the blog post, write three SMART goals for the project proposed by Connecticut Cares about Nature above. After each SMART goal, include a 1-2 sentence explanation of WHY you developed the goal in that way–how does that goal address the needs identified above? In other words, each of your three goal statements will consist of your goal and your explanation for that goal.
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