I need a solution on – Write an essay on Two Chaplain Careers from Reading-Write an essay on Two Chaplain Careers from Reading

Write an essay on Two Chaplain Careers from ReadingThis course presents ten functional areas of chaplaincy, divided into five categories:Uniformed dynamicRigid Institutionall Adherence dynamicOrganizational Compliance dynamicVolunteer and Intentional Coordination dynamicCreativity, Confidentiality, and Energy dynamicWrite a 1,000-word essay that compares and contrasts two of the categories with each other. Your comparing and contrasting can include such areas as missions, specific needs and demands, chaplain qualifications and desired skillsets, people’s lives in the categories, etc.The essay should include:Title pageIntroduction and brief overview of the two categoriesSubstantive description of each category (about 300 words each)Compare and contrast the two categoriesSummaryIt would be good to use 5-10 footnotes from course materials and reputable outside sources.
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