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Write a theme, Demographic and Menu DevelopmentThis assignment requires students to identify a “food” related business oppurtunity having conducted research into previous successes, current and future business and consumer trends as well as popular developments in the food service industry.Specifically, students should be preparing a double spaced, minimum 4 page report detailing their proposed concept as well as target demographic. The concept should be communicated in a concise manner and is justified with research on the topic. The target demographic must also be justified as correct using research, identifying it as such.Lastly, after the report is completed, a “customer ready” menu must be developed for the food concept. This menu should be prepared such that it is creative, complete and ready to give to guests. This menu should include 2 appetizers, 3 main entrees and 1 desert.Each student should submit:Concept report detailing the proposed business idea and target market.A completed, “guest ready” menu.————————————————————————–Sample Structure for Assignment #1 ReportHere I will propose a brief outline for you to consider when building your report for assignment number one. Feel free to use these headings but if you feel that they are restrictive, please understand I am looking for a well communicated report and ultimately the structure is up to you. Note: please always include a title page and reference page.Suggested report structure (4 pages double spaced):Introduction (0.5 page)Please provide an introduction briefly introducing yourself and your business idea.Concept (1 page)Please provide an in depth overview of what your business concept is, its theme, why you chose to develop this idea and provide several arguments justifying why you think it would be successful. This is where a good chunk of your research comes into play. Please remember, research helps you justify your arguments and use in text citations.Target Demographic (1 page)Please provide an overview of who your target customer is, why you chose this group of consumer and why they would be appropriate for your business idea. Again, you need to provide arguments and justifications as to why this consumer group would love to engage with your business (more research).Menu (1 page)Please provide a copy of your menu and a quick mention of why you chose this menu and how it connects with your theme and demographic.Conclusion (0.5 page)Briefly wrap up and summarize the main points of your report.
VIDEO:Please watch this video to understand how to create your own menu.
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