I need a solution on – Write a paper on what is radical review worship experience-Write a paper on what is radical review worship experience

Write a paper on what is radical review worship experienceRadical Revision is the change of a central idea from one medium into another medium. Examples of other mediums are as follows: a painting, a collage, song lyrics, a musical composition, a sound track, a graphic novel, a sculpture, etc.
For example:A person might revise……an essay into a YouTube video.…a poem into a painting.…a painting into a short story.…a lab report into a comic strip.…a business report into a graphic novel.…a prayer into a song.For this project, you are “revising” your worship into a radically different medium. How do you normally worship? In a pew? On your knees? In nature? Or a church? Or, perhaps you have a different idea of “worship.” Do you serve others in a soup kitchen or donate to The Contributor?
Questions to ask yourself:How do I worship?What does my “worship” look like?What is the ethos behind my worship?What are my worship beliefs?Once you have answered these questions, think about how you can worship through another medium or through another use of your talents. How can you honor your spirituality through Radical Revision?
The Assignment:
Performance component:Use creative thinking to design a component of a worshipful experience of celebration. The projects should have Creativity as a theme (God as Creator, the world as His creation, or your life as a work in progress). This assignment allows for personalization and choice since worship is highly individual with avenues for creativity in both the fine arts and other areas. Presentation may take the form of a presentation, a film, a game, or any medium that would require pictures (art, a meal, dance, etc…).
Written component:Write a short description of a.) the original medium and the medium for its radical revision and b.) how the revision of their original piece contributes to their understanding of their worship and sense of their personal growth/creative aesthetic. This response/reflections should be 5 pages, double-spaced.
To Remember:
The new medium should convey the same information as the medium being revised, in accurate, ethical, and clear ways.Situational understanding, purpose, thesis, rhetorical knowledge, critical thinking, process, knowledge of conventions, and (possibly) composing in electronic environments is critically important knowledge to be successful.Your own written evaluation of your new medium needs to be developed with a particular degree of rigor and scholarly criteria.


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What are the implications for the proposed hypotheses [for quantitative studies] or research questions [for qualitative or quantitative studies], the previous literature and the wider communities of interest?

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