I need a solution on – Write a paper on the Communications Security for Remote Workers & Mobile Platforms-Write a paper on the Communications Security for Remote Workers & Mobile Platforms

Write a paper on the Communications Security for Remote Workers & Mobile Platforms
IntroductionProvided an excellentintroduction to the deliverable which clearly, concisely, and accuratelyaddressed the topic of the short paper. Appropriately paraphrased informationfrom authoritative sources.AnalysisProvided an excellent analysis ofthe issues for the required topic. Addressed at least three separate issues andprovided appropriate examples for each. Appropriately used and citedinformation from authoritative sources.SummaryIncluded an excellent summarysection for the short paper which was on topic, well organized, and covered atleast 3 key points. The summary contained at least one full paragraph.Use of AuthoritativeSourcesIncluded and properly cited threeor more authoritative sources with complete publication or retrievalinformation. No formatting errorsProfessionalismNo formatting, grammar, spelling,or punctuation errors. Submitted work shows outstanding organization and theuse of color, fonts, titles, headings and sub-headings, etc. is appropriate tothe assignment type.
Before you begin, read:https://us.norton.com/internetsecurity-privacy-what-is-a-vpn-tunnel.htmlOR search for“tunneling protocols used in vpn” and choose an appropriate resourcefrom the Internet.
Background: The COVID-19 pandemic forced many organizationsto rapidly transition existing employees to a “work from home” situation.The overall success of such arrangements has encouraged many companies to adoptWork From Home (previously known as “telework” or“telecommuniting”) for all or part of the work week as a permanentstrategy. In these situations, a secure means of accessing the organization’sinternal networks and resources must be provided to the dispersed workforce.Virtual Private Networks are a frequently deployed technology solution capableof addressing and compensating for the myriad privacy and security concernsthat arise in “Work from Home” or telecommuting situations.
VPN’s depend upon tunneling protocols as foundationtechnologies. For this briefing paper, identify and discuss the four maintunneling protocols that can be used to provide virtual private network accessbetween remote users and a company’s internal (corporate) networks andresources. Provide examples of how each protocol can be used within a VPNsolution.
Format: this week, your deliverable should be formatted as a5 to 7 paragraph briefing paper. You should have an introduction, analysissections, and an appropriate summary section. Include citations (in the text)and references (at the end) to support your work and allow your readers to factcheck your analysis and conclusions.
In your critiques for your peers (2 different students),focus on providing suggestions for strengthening the briefing paper (addedcontent, refocused content, etc.) Grammar, punctuation, and other writingmechanics will be addressed by your instructor and should not be part of yourcritique.
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