I need a solution on – What tools you will use to present the information.-What tools you will use to present the information.

Preventing Cyber Attacks
A. Your narrative should include (but is not limited to) the following areas:
Title – this should capture the participant’s attention.Who should attend.Objectives (what will the participants learn from the program).Create a flyer to be sent to staff. This should include the important facts and catch the recipient’s attention.Definition of terms related to the topic.Major topics to be covered – include a narrative on the information to be covered (1 -2 paragraphs for each topic).What tools you will use to present the information. For example: role play, small group discussions, games, or lecture only. Remember that lecture only is not always an effective way to teach staff. Be specific in how the tools you select will enhance the learning of the participants.A post-test of 10 items to illustrate that the training was effective.How long the training will be.Methodology for following up to see if the training was effective.
B. Include in the narrative, why you felt this topic was important to be part of a training program.
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