I need a solution on – What similarities and differences emerge between the two clips?-What similarities and differences emerge between the two clips?

Use these instructions for the FIRST page only:Two recent films, Atlantics (Mati Diop, 2019) and His House (Remi Weekes, 2020), use the horror film genre to tell stories about the migrant experience out of sub-Saharan Africa. In Atlantics, a group of young male laborers in Senegal, still owed back pay for their work building a high-rise outside of Dakar, attempt to migrate by boat to Spain but get lost at sea and disappear, only for their spirits to reappear back in Dakar, possessing the bodies of lovers, friends, and family members they left behind. In His House, two refugees from South Sudan, a husband and his wife, seek asylum in the United Kingdom; their young daughter perished during the voyage. When they are placed in a council estate in the suburbs of London, they discover the house is haunted by ghosts, apparently of refugees who, like their daughter, didn’t make it. So, while the referential details of these narratives differ, both films deal with similar subject matter. The most significant contrast is in the films’ style: whereas Atlantics takes a variation of the art cinema approach to narrative filmmaking, His House is much closer to the “classical” narrative tradition.For this screening response, your task is to compare and contrast these films in terms of their style. (Streaming links for copies of each film uploaded to Panopto are provided above, but both films are also streaming on Netflix, where it is recommended you watch the films, since the subtitles were added separately to the copies on Panopto and thus may be slightly out-of-sync.) Specifically, you must identify and define at least two contrasts between the films from among their respective narrative and stylistic elements. These contrasts must point to specific scenes or moments from each film and describe them in terms of specific principles of art cinema (as defined by Bordwell in “Art Cinema as a Mode of Film Practice”) and “classical” narrative (as defined by Bordwell/Thompson/Smith in Chapter 3 of Film Art). You are also encouraged to consider principles of film genre (as defined in Chapter 9 of Film Art) in your response. Responses that describe fewer than two contrasts, only describe the films in broad terms, or describe them using only vague notions of conventionality, will not receive full credit.
Use these instructions for the SECOND page only:Watch the following clips – the first from Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood (1968-2001), the second from Saturday Night Live (1975-present) – and take a close look at their mise-en-scène. In particular, pay attention to their setting/set design, props, lighting, costuming, and performances. What similarities and differences emerge between the two clips?Use these instructions for the THIRD page only:Choose a scene from The Birds that uses at least one technique of discontinuity editing. Identify the specific technique(s) and the pattern(s) of continuity editing that the discontinuity editing disrupts. What effect is achieved by this combination of continuity and discontinuity editing? Be sure to also identify any other relevant stylistic elements in the scene (e.g., performance style, camera distance, optical special effects).Use these instructions for the FOURTH page only:Choose one scene from Menace II Society. How does the cinematography in this scene relate to the scene’s narration (i.e. objectivity/subjectivity, narrative perspective, what information we’re given and how)? Be specific (e.g. identify focal length/depth of field and aspects of framing)!Use these instructions for the FIFTH page onlyDescribe the mise-en-scène of Singin’ in the Rain in terms of realism. Some aspects you might want to focus on include:SettingSet designPropsStaging and performance
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