I need a solution on – What materials will you need to prepare and conduct the interview?-What materials will you need to prepare and conduct the interview?

We will use “Assignment #1: Interview Guide” as the foundation for this assignment. The main goal for this assignment will be to prepare for interviewing a subject about their occupation/career and to conduct the interview. You will use the interview material collected in this assignment for your final paper. This assignment is worth 15% of your total class grade. I will use a rubric that is based on the instructions below to grade the assignment. THIS ASSIGNMENT IS DUE ON MONDAY, MAY 16.Instructions: You will address the following using Microsoft Word in a 1-2 page, double- spaced, New York Times 12-font paper. Although, the transcript of the interview can be as long as needed.Review Week 2 Readings about Key Methods in Ethnography: Interviews. Also, review Assignment #1. Keep in mind how people are being affected by the Coronavirus outbreak and their ability to talk to you. Your health and safety are the most important factor to keep in mind as you think about how you will complete this assignment.Based on these readings, lay out an action plan for conducing your interview. Include answers to the following:Who will you interview? Ideally, the person you interview works within the field you are personally interested in pursuing. However, if you cannot find someone who works in the field you are interested in, you can interview anyone who works and who is willing to talk to you (for example a friend, a family member, or an acquaintance).If your first choice for interview subject does not work out, do you have a 2nd or 3rd choice? If so, who are they?When will you interview them and for how long?What materials will you need to prepare and conduct the interview?Where will you interview them? Again, keep in mind your health and safety andtheirs. In some instances, talking on the phone or through video (e.g. Skype,Facetime, Zoom, etc.) might be the best option.How will you prepare for the interview?You must craft 5 additional questions based on the readings from Module #2. You can use the same questions from Assignment #1. Be sure to follow the guidelines based on the readings as you prepare your 5 questions.
1KEEP THIS MIND: In addition to the 5 questions you come up with, YOU MUST ask the following questions during your interview, you will be required to include answers to these questions in your final paper:Which social, political, and economic factors go into your interview subject choosing their career?How did your interview subjects go about choosing their career path/occupation? What factors did they consider and what circumstances led them to choose their career path/occupation?How does your interview subject feel about unions? Do they work in a unionized workplace?Was there tension between what they wanted to pursue as an ideal career path/occupation and what they could realistically achieve?How was your interview subject affected by the Coronavirus crisis? Did the type of occupation/job they have influence the extent to which they were affected?Prepare a transcript of the interview. I want to read the answers given by your subjects to these questions. You should use a voice transcription app like Otter to conduct your interview: https://otter.ai/ It will make the transcription process easier for you. You can also conduct it through Zoom, which will provide you with a transcript. Or you can have your subject email you the answers. Whatever you do, I want to be able to read the full responses to the questions. You can also choose from one of these apps: https://www.techjockey.com/blog/best-free-speech-to-text-appsI will use a rubric to grade you, so make sure to include the following in the essay. And remember, THIS ASSIGNMENT IS DUE ON MONDAY, MAY 16, 10PM.To do well in this assignment, be sure to addresses the items listed above, as instructed. In addition:Your paper includes the following heading format, single spaced:You NameProf. MedinaEoW2, House 2, Cohort 2—Spring 2022 DateMake sure the essay contains the following format: Microsoft Word, 1-2 pages long, double-spaced, 12-point, Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins throughout. The length of the interview transcript can be as long as needed.
After reviewing readings about Key Methods in Ethnography I decided to interview the Lawyer. I met him once at a coffee shop. He gave me his card if I had any questions to not hesitate, which I’m glad I kept. Like I mentioned in assignment one, we were sitting next to each other. He was having a call with a client. So I kindly ask him if he loves what he does, he answers yes, he gives me advice like in law you win some and lose some. So if I get into it I gotta be okay with losing. That simple line really proved to me that he may be a great asset to ask questions. He mentioned that his name is David Bucker and he went to Nyu law. So since he gave me his card I decided to message him and wait for him to be interviewed, he replied back by accepting the request.Though I had the choice to interview my friend’s mom, a lawyer named Jasmine Dale which she would gladly have accepted, I decided not to because it is too much of being safe. Meaning she would not be harsh, probably will worry about how her words will come out, for me to not give up on law. Therefore I would not interview her. But if my first choice interviewee would not be available, I will interview Jasmine by making it clear please to not be safe, to act like I’m a stranger and that this will help me gain a lot of knowledge about the career I want to pursue .Since David Bucker accepted the request. Following the interview guide I will use tactics like informal interviews to help me develop the ability to ask more fruitful, relevant and directed questions. I will respect the interviewee’s time by keeping an 35 minute interview. I will listen more than I speak, make sure to internalize his words, and avoid leading questions. Though right now covid isn’t as intensive as before, I would rather be safe than sorry. Therefore,I will conduct the interview online. I asked my interviewee which platform, whether it is zoom, facetime, whatsapp. He preferred to do the interview, he replied facetime works. Maybe, I will have extra phone with me to record the interview and then use one of the apps you provided to create the transcript of the interview. Before the interview I will review closely Key Methods in EoW II: Interviews guide and make sure I have my questions properly like which question first and which one is second and in hand before starting the interview.Some of the questions I foreshadow asking are what inspired you to pursue law? How dangerous is it to become a lawyer? How does it feel after all the trouble you went through to finally be a lawyer? Do you think you are part of the people that make this world a better place? What do you wish you had known about law before you became one? What type skills do I need for law? Are you working from home? If yes How did covid affect it? Did covid impacted your job positively or negatively? Did your perspective of law change? How does capitalism play in law? And finally adding the essentials questions: Which social, political, and economic factors go into your interview subject choosing their career? How did you go about choosing your career path/occupation? What factors did you consider and what circumstances led you to choose your career path/occupation? How do you feel about unions? Do you work in a unionized workplace? Was there tension between what you wanted to pursue as an ideal career path/occupation and what you could realistically achieve? How was you affected by the Coronavirus crisis? Did the type of occupation/job you have influence the extent to which you were affected?So by these questions getting answers, I will be able to get a grasp and an idea about my future career in law. And get better knowledge about my career in law and if it’s a good fit for me.
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