I need a solution on – What kind of dilemmas or difficulties have you encountered and how did you solve them?-What kind of dilemmas or difficulties have you encountered and how did you solve them?

I’m doing an internship at a company, and the university has asked me to complete a STARRT form for one of my tasks there.This task required me to conduct research for “Develop and implement a new marketing strategy and communication plans,” which I have already completed.What I have to do now is explain how I completed this task using the STARRT FORM ( Situation, Task, Actions, Results, Refelction , Transfer)
Here is an explanation of the STARRT FORM:First, I should discuss the Sitaution (S):In what situation did you develop your behaviour” Accessible and Persuasive”? Based on this description, an outsider should be able to form an image of the context and complexity of the situation on. What was the reason? Who were involved? Which boundary conditions played a role?Note:Behaviour: Accessible and PersuasiveWho Were involved: Marketing and communication team
Secondly, talking about my (T) Task:What responsibility did you have? Specify what you wanted to achieve (target) and to what extent you have performed this task independently. How much guidance and support did you get?
Thirdly, (A) Actions:Show the actions you have taken and how they meet with the behavioural criteria. What steps did you take? What kind of dilemmas or difficulties have you encountered and how did you solve them? What models or theories did you apply and why these?Note:behavioural criteria is :1- Listens actively (allows others to talk, asks open questions, responds to non-verbal communication when relevant)2- Speaks English (or other language) with ease and is understandable3- Speaks with appropriate body language4- Writes understandably in one read-through, with neat, presentable layout5- Uses writing style in accordance with content6- Underpins opinions/choices/advice with consistent and comprehensive arguments7- Uses authorised sources to illustrate arguments
Fourthly (R) Results,What result did you achieve? The reader must be given a picture of the result/effect you have achieved and assess the extent to which you have obtained the predefined goals. What information shows that you have achieved your goals?Note:The result which i have been achived is the reasearch “Develop and implement a new marketing strategy and communication plans”
fifthy , (R) Reflection,Here you describe, based on your actions and the results achieved, to what extent you think you meet the behavioural criteria. What in your approach has helped you to achieve your goal, what exactly did not help? What would you do differently next time? Which knowledge (models/theories) would you apply (differently)? What is your conclusion regarding your professional behaviour: in what aspects of the behavioural criteria do you find yourself strong? And what else should you develop?
Finally, (T) Transfer,Here you describe another situation in which you demonstrate how you developed and/or applied the specific behavioural indicator.
I’ve uploaded the following files:1- The research that I conducted should be included in the results.2- Behavioural criteria should be included in actions and reflections3- 2 examples that i wrote previously and can be used and written according to its format.
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