I need a solution on – What is the title APA citation for the article you are critiquing?-What is the title APA citation for the article you are critiquing?

Locate a qualitative research article to critique. Article should be related to medical errors.
Create a Microsoft Word document and paste in the following sections. Then critique the qualitative research article by providing content in the sections.What is the title APA citation for the article you are critiquing?Problem Statement (rationale why study needs to be conducted, background, and importance):Why does the study require a qualitative methodology?Method (phenomenology, grounded theory, ethnography):Philosophical/theoretical underpinning of the qualitative method described:Sample and Setting:Inclusion Criteria:Exclusion Criteria:Sample size:Setting described:Data collection strategy (interview, observation, focus group):What was done to enhance the study’s credibility, trustworthiness, and auditability?Is protection of human subjects addressed?Conclusions/Implications:Is the significance of the research described in the context of what is already known?Do the conclusions/implications reflect the reported findings?Are study limitations addressed?Are recommendations for practice/research provided?Level of evidence (placement on evidence hierarchy used in class)I have attached the rubric
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