I need a solution on – What is the problem with the solution shared with Meredith?-What is the problem with the solution shared with Meredith?

In this Scenario, you are a CFO at a community Hospital where there has been a reduction in revenue reported over the last three months. You must determine where the source of this problem lies and what can be done about it. You will meet with key hospital personnel, including the Controller, CEO, and former CFO.Work through the Scenario, answer all questions, on the Assessment. Save the Assessment to your desktop. Click on the Scenario link in Week 2, under “Write Submission, provide a thorough response to each of the three questions below. (You can also submit the responses in a word document.) . Then “browse your computer”, double click on the saved Assessment to upload the Assessment results and submit. Below is a brief screencast where I walk you through this process:Redeeming Scenario access code and submitting assessment and responses – Watch VideoBelow is a link to the screencast:Below is a copy of the Assessment that you can refer to as you work through the Scenario:
LearnScape Assessment Students (1).docx LearnScape Assessment Students (1).docx – Alternative Formats
In Scene 5, the Student calls the CEO, excited to share the solution. But Meredith, the CEO, does not agree that this is the issue. What is the problem with the solution shared with Meredith? Incorporate these key terms in your answer – bundled payments. APC payments.In Scene 6, the student runs into Cheryl at the café. What relevant information does Cheryl provide to help dig deeper into the problem? Incorporate the following key terms in your answer in the context of this scenario – UB04, CMS1500, HCPCS, clearinghouse, DRGs.In Scene 7, what are the solutions and causes found? Incorporate the following in your answer in the context of this scenario– bundling; coding errors, cloud computing and HIPAA.
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