I need a solution on – What is the final element (final phase) of a marketing plan?-What is the final element (final phase) of a marketing plan?

Watch this video on the Coca-Cola marketing strategy plan implementation, and then answer the questions below (ThoughtCatalyst, 2017):
Address the following questions in your response:What is the final element (final phase) of a marketing plan?What is an independent, comprehensive, systematic, and periodic review of a company’s marketing environment, strategies, and objectives to improve performance?What are the primary trade channels for bringing products to customers?How is decreasing the number of levels of management in an organization to get closer to the customer described?How is using analytical methods, such as data mining, to develop deeper insights into customer behavior described?What are the four stages of the profitability control process?What reveals the company’s earnings in products, territories, or markets?What is the number 1 deadly sin of marketing for companies?What addresses the what and why of marketing activities?What software allows marketers to make better spending and investment decisions, get new products to market quicker, and reduce decision time and costs?Who examines adherence to profit plans, assists brand managers in preparing budgets, measures promotional efficiency, evaluates costs related to media production, and conducts profitability analyses?What is crucial to ensuring that marketing plans have their expected results annually?Who sets annual sales and profit goals?How frequently does the average U.S. corporation lose half of its customers?What is critical for marketing to have future success?


Discuss whether the court might have decided R v Dudley and Stephens 14 QBD 273 differently.

Identify the types of texture you observe, using precise vocabulary terms.

What types of services does the term “procedure coding” include?

What is the problem with the solution shared with Meredith?

Describe the fundamental characteristics of the
approach, its object of study (e.g., the structure and processes of the brain,
the relationships between the brain and cognitive processes such as language or
reasoning), and its methods of investigation (two to three methods of
investigation) (e.g., scientific experiments, patient studies, computer

What are the implications for the proposed hypotheses [for quantitative studies] or research questions [for qualitative or quantitative studies], the previous literature and the wider communities of interest?

Identify a director who meets the criteria posed by auteur theory
Summarize briefly the ways in which this director meets those criteria using examples from at least two of the director’s films.

Write a research paper on the evolution of the role of the screenwriter throughout cinema history.

Write an Executive Summary that explains the organizational strategy for expanding company operations to this particular country.

Write an analysis of a short story, including your interpretation of the story’s meaning, as well as relating the story’s meaning to your overall exploration of the humanities.
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