I need a solution on – What is something you’d work on improving if you had the time?-What is something you’d work on improving if you had the time?

After reviewing this week’s Readings and Resources, please answer the following journal questions supporting your work with evidence from the provided resources.Covey’s 7th habit, Sharpening the Saw, is all about keeping your personal self “sharp.” It means regularly renewing and strengthening the four key dimensions of your life: your body, your brain, your heart, and your soul. You can’t even think about sharpening the saw when you’re always busy sawing.What is something you’d work on improving if you had the time?What is the best way to balance your brain? Body? Heart? Soul?What are some ways you can keep your saw sharp while in school and then also in your profession?


Describe the fundamental characteristics of the
approach, its object of study (e.g., the structure and processes of the brain,
the relationships between the brain and cognitive processes such as language or
reasoning), and its methods of investigation (two to three methods of
investigation) (e.g., scientific experiments, patient studies, computer

What are the implications for the proposed hypotheses [for quantitative studies] or research questions [for qualitative or quantitative studies], the previous literature and the wider communities of interest?

Identify a director who meets the criteria posed by auteur theory
Summarize briefly the ways in which this director meets those criteria using examples from at least two of the director’s films.

Write a research paper on the evolution of the role of the screenwriter throughout cinema history.

Write an Executive Summary that explains the organizational strategy for expanding company operations to this particular country.

Write an analysis of a short story, including your interpretation of the story’s meaning, as well as relating the story’s meaning to your overall exploration of the humanities.

Is brain size related to more complex behaviors/intelligence?

Write a research paper on why female victims of domestic violence stay in abusive relationships.

Identify whether your response to the work is mainly “Apollonian” or “Dionysian.”

Write an essay about the ”moral implications of sucide” it will focus on personal stories.
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