I need a solution on – what is an argument? (in the academic sense of the term)-what is an argument? (in the academic sense of the term)

In this class, we will be writing “argument essays.” Every essay you write must contain an “argument.” We will not be writing “informative” essays. If you don’t have an “argument” in each paper, your paper won’t earn any points! So it’s pretty important for you to understand what we mean by this essential term.In this module, you’ll find three resources to help you understand what academic argument is and what it is not. Two of these are from serious sources, like Walden University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and one is a humorous skit from Monty Python, a British Comedy Troupe that often based their skits on academic subjects (making them eternal fans of nerds everywhere).Study those materials. Study your textbook. Then, when you think you have an understanding of what academic argument truly is, write up your understanding here (and remember, all your papers in this class must be arguments, so reflect on that before you turn in the Opinion Paper due in this module).
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