I need a solution on – What have you noticed about yourself, your context or God that has been surprising?-What have you noticed about yourself, your context or God that has been surprising?

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to bring all that you have learned together throughout this course in reflection upon your vocational identity and formation. These reflections, along with the commitments that grow out of them, will help provide a sustainable and grounded identity for work, homelife, and community engagement.
Instructions: Your final assignment is to write a (800-1000) word paper that engages the course readings, resources, assignments and discussions in a comprehensive and coherent fashion.
Step #1 – Define Vocation (50-100 words)Given the historical, theological, and philosophical resources we have explored, define and describe how you understand the term “vocation.”This definition and description should be no longer than a paragraph and cite pertinent course materials.Keep in mind that this should grow out of your unique experience and understanding of the coursework. There is not one right definition.Step #2 – Understanding my identity, context and experience of God (450-600 words)Having defined and described “vocation,” articulate what you have learned about your own identity, context, and experience of God throughout this course.Questions that may serve as helpful prompts (but do not necessarily have to be used) may include:What have you noticed about yourself, your context or God that has been surprising?What about your identity, work life, or relationship with God has been advanced, challenged or encouraged?What reading or resource were particularly helpful in a new discovery concerning the “three voices”and why?How do you see your relationships, work, or context differently in light of course material and discussions?Step #3 – Rule of Vocation (300-400 words)Given all that you have discovered, identify practices, postures, disciplines or commitments you will intentionally engage as you continue your vocational journey.These should grow out of that which you discovered about yourself and the different discussions and practices you have encountered in this course.Consider the following prompts:Identity – What practices or disciplines help you stay grounded and centered in the core longings and passions you have identified? How might you practice vulnerability and authenticity? What boundaries might you develop that might prevent burnout? How will you maintain balance and engage hobbies or relationships that bring you life?Context – What commitments do you want to make to help you remain present to those with whom you work, live, and play? How will you engage the world with greater compassion and courage? What might you do to connect with those individuals often overlooked in your community? What groups, organizations, or communities bring you life and form you into a better person and how might you engage them with greater intentionality?Life with God – What does growth in your spiritual life look like? Are there specific spiritual disciplines, communities, or seasons that help you remain connected to God? How might you become more involved in those things? Are there things in your spiritual life that have been missing that you want to re-engage?This should grow out of your unique voice, interests, and experience.Reference course materials where appropriate.Paper Specs:
Title page with assignment title, your name, and course number and name should be included.Format and cite using APA style.A minimum of 10 sources must be referenced.Reference page must be included.The paper should include clear introductory and concluding paragraphs (800-1000 words).You will also need to submit this assignment to your Vocational Formation ePortfolio in Canvas. If you haven’t already done so, please take a moment to create your ePortfolio. Instructions can be found here. In your assignment submission to your instructor, be sure to also include your ePortfolio link.
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