I need a solution on – What additional chapter from DDS did you choose to read?-What additional chapter from DDS did you choose to read?

video link:READSarah E. Turner “Blackness, Bayou and Gumbo: Encoding and Decoding Race in a Colorblind World” (DDF)Henry Giroux, “Globalizing the Disney Empire” (MR ch 5)“Princess and the Frog and the Critical Gaze” (C)ActionsNatchee Blu Barnd, “White Man’s Best Friend” (DDF 67-82)Choose one other essay from Section I of DDF.WATCHPrincess and the Frog
Post #1: Friday at 11:59 PM PST (5 points)You must answer all of the questions below, cite at least 3 readings (AuthorLastName PublicationYear, Page #), provide examples from the films, and apply an intersectional framework in your initial post. You will not see classmates’ posts until you have submitted your initial post.Thinking about race, class, and gender, discuss one positive (or improving) element and one negative (or not-quite-there) element in Princess and the Frog. Connect your ideas to one of the films that we have watched since Week 5 and at least two of the readings.What additional chapter from DDS did you choose to read? How did it help deepen your analysis of any of the films from the term? You can talk about any film even if the chapter didn’t address it directly. For example, if the chapter talked about Quasimodo but it made you think about Scar’s injury, talk about that.In a sentence or two share what you are creating for your final project and your revised thesis statement. Remember, your thesis statement should be specific to your project and specific about the content you are working with. (“Challenging gender roles” is not specific enough. “Challenging the ways that girls are supposed to fall in love with princes” is.)Post #2 and #3: Sunday at 11:59 PM PST (4 points)Then, respond to two classmates’ posts and cite at least 1 reading (AuthorLastName PublicationYear, Page#) in one of your responses. For your responses to classmates, in addition to the more scholarly discussions you’ve been having, ask each other questions about your projects! Specific questions about content are always good, but also talk about the nuts and bolts/how-to questions. Who will be the camera operator for the film? How will you get kids to feel comfortable answering questions? etc. What sparks your curiosity about your classmates’ projects?Post #4: Sunday at 11:59 PM PST (1 point)Finally, post a final thought in your own thread or a classmate’s thread that can act like a conclusion for your thinking about these ideas this week. What did you learn from each other? After reading what your classmates have done, what else might you like to know more about this term?Note: You will not be able to post anything after Sunday at 11:59 PM PST.


Consider what you know about border and coastal security and focus on three important issues, concerns, events, policies, or other Homeland Security related aspects and share your thoughts.

Write a paper on the Mathematical Methods in Economics

Write a paper on the Organizational Culture and Leadership

Create a typed, researched, evidence-based call to action letter, editorial, or professional/organizational blog that identifies the

Explain why computer systems are vulnerable to each kind of threat.

Is the insurance money the family expects to receive a blessing or curse? Why do you think so? Support your arguments with details
from the play.

Determine and describe ten best practices for negotiating like a professional in the midst of conflict and corporate politics.

Write an action research paper, describing and analyzing your personal action learning experience within the context of a social system, and designing an action plan for future transformation.

Review the Resources and reflect on the definition and goal of EBP.

Write a paper on the Urban Sociology-Articles of Fortified Enclaves and Segregation
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