I need a solution on – Week 4 Assignment Nursing Issues and Trends-Week 4 Assignment Nursing Issues and Trends

Review the Week 4 Required Reading and Media Resources.Read the Week 4 Assignment Rubric, provided in the Course Information area.Go to the Writing Resources tab to download the CON Writing Template to format your paper. There you will also find APA-related resources.Find a current (no more than 5 years old) Walden Library article about a nurse-led improvement or research project of interest to you.
Assignment: 2–3-page paperBegin by describing the nurse-led improvement or research project found in the article. Include a short description of the purpose, method, and outcomes.Evaluate how this project has the potential to improve quality and safety for patients.What are at least two insights you gained from this project that enhance your personal professional goals?Reference your selected articles in APA format.
Learning Resources:Hundt, B. (2020). Reflections on Nightingale in the year of the nurse. American Nurse Journal. https://www.myamericannurse.com/reflections-on-nightingale-in-the-year-of-the-nurse/
Salmond, S. & Echevarria, M. (2017). Healthcare transformation and changing roles for nursing. Orthopedic Nursing, 36(1), 12–25. http://doi.org/10.1097/NOR.0000000000000308
Mundle, W., Howell-Belle, C., & Jeffs, L. (2020). Preventing catheter-associated urinary tract infection: A multi-pronged collaborative approach. Journal of Nursing Care Quality, 35(1), p. 83087. http://doi.org/10.1097/NCQ.0000000000000418
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