I need a solution on – To what extent do you agree with the manner in which the journalist presented the event/issue?-To what extent do you agree with the manner in which the journalist presented the event/issue?

A list of eight news artifacts that are related to contemporary Indigenous issues in Canada is included in the document. Select any four of these news artifacts and write an opinion paragraph for each news artifact (of approximately 200 words for each paragraph) for each of your four selections (i.e., four paragraphs altogether for this assignment which means approximately 800 words in total).Remember that proper opinion-paragraph structure requires you to use an argument or opinion (and not a commonplace fact) as your topic sentence, as well as to end your paragraph with a closing sentence that provides symmetry to your topic sentence. Include at least one relevant quotation from the chosen text within each paragraph. Unless told otherwise, the reader will assume that the quotation is from the primary text. Ensure that the speaker of the quotation is clearly provided (even if it is simply the author of the text). (NOTE: You are not expected to connect all your opinion paragraphs to a common thesis; thus, an introductory and concluding paragraph is not expected. Simply treat each of your four opinion paragraphs as a separate entity, avoiding redundancy among your topic sentences accordingly.)For each of your selected texts, try to consider most (if not all) of the following questions:Who is directly/indirectly affected by the event/issue being discussed?What event/issue is being discussed? To what extent (if at all) are other events/issues related?When did the event/issue occur? To what extent (if at all) is it an ongoing one?Where did the event/issue occur? In what other locations (if at all) might it be relevant?To what extent do you agree with the manner in which the journalist presented the event/issue?To what extent might the reader learn particular lessons from the event/issue being presented?
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