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Writing Activity #14 (1 of 2):Let’s take a look at the opening of Dog Day Afternoon. What issue does it set up for us? How does it encourage us to see the story in a way the news clip does not? As you answer this in the space provided below, be sure to give examples from the clip that support your answer.
Dog Day Afternoon – Amoreena (Elton John) (4:25 mins.)Writing Activity #15 (2 of 2):Thinking of the way we have been discussing Hutcheon, what might be the value of retelling Robin Hood through the film Dog Day Afternoon? What might be the updating of Robin Hood? How might the film confirm Robin Hood’s importance and tellability? As a way of getting started, why not check if there were any other Robin Hood adaptations in the 1960s and 1970s. Was Robin Hood still a popular figure? In a well-formed paragraph, anwer these questions in the space provided below.
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