I need a solution on – The relationship between poverty and child mental health.-The relationship between poverty and child mental health.

Students will explore, develop, and composea six (6) page research paper that highlights a specific selected topic/theme.This will include such topics as: The relationship between changes in familystructures and child development; Children of immigrants and their experiencesin Canada; Refugee children and their experiences in Canada; The relationshipbetween poverty and child mental health. Where appropriate, students shouldrelate their information to dominant cultural practices or realities in NorthAmerica (Canada & US). Students should also endeavor to identify whichcomponents of their topic might hinder, or assist, in their own CYC practices(and why). Students should further discuss which issues may be problematic orchallenging to them, in terms of their own backgrounds and their prospectiveprofessional undertakings. All papers must have a minimum of 6 research sources(books & articles published within the last 15 years). It is highly 3suggested you proofread your paper before submission. Follow all directionsconcerning the assignment. Failure to do so will result in major pointdeductions. Further details concerning the assignment will be provided duringclass
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