I need a solution on – The Psychology of Decision-Making-The Psychology of Decision-Making

Your paper needs to be 3 pages double spaced. It still needs to be APA formatted but the body of the paper only has to be three double spaced pages and fulfill the following guidelines:
1. Give the reader a general background on the topic you chose by constructing a brief introduction.
2. Describe at least two studies that were done that are directly related to the topic you introduced. This descriiption does not have to be extremely detailed. Remember the papers on the coffee experiment and the bobo doll? They just presented a vague picture of the experiments but you could still get a good sense of what was done. Try to present your studies similarly.
3. Critique both the studies you presented (i.e. are the conclusions presented reasonable from the results the researchers got?) and offer some insight or future directions for a study. If you want you could simply state any questions you have pertaining to the topic you introduced and what might be done to answer those questions. Just provide some kind conclusion with respect to your write up.
You will need to find at least three PEER REVIEWED JOURNAL ARTICLES that deal with the topic and the guidelines listed above! YOU CANNOT USE JUST ANY SOURCE OF THE INTERNET. You must find/use PEER REVIEWED JOURNAL ARTICLES!
So the paper must have:Title pageAbstractThree pages doubles spaced addressing the three guidelinesReference pageTitle running header – top left of each pagePage numbers – top right of each page
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