I need a solution on – The obligation to decolonize-The obligation to decolonize

The overall dissertation is on the Obligation to decolonize. I want to look into whether the Great Britain has actually followed this obligation to decolonize – this chapter is specifically on whether the Great Britain has followed this obligation and what lessons we can learn from whether or not they have followed. My first chapter is going to be on what the obligation to decolonize is and the final section is the effects of whatever the results of section 2 are. The referencing system is OSCOLA, this is for a LLB dissertation in the UK based on Uk English. My difficulty is writing I can’t get ideas into words, so I have been looking at John Darwin – Britain and decolonization and M. E. chamberlain decolonization, I have been struggling to find much about whether Great Britain has decolonized the Caribbean – I want a little focus on that as I know that the UK lasts colonies are there and I want to know the significance of that. But that would be ok if you cannot find anything. I will send over every single thing that I have been able to grab. Thank you so much
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