I need a solution on – Stakeholder Matrix-Stakeholder Matrix

Upload a professional draft version of the Stakeholder Analysis template that fits your community and public health issue. A stakeholder analysis identifies every individual, group, and organization that is part of your identified public health issue or can work to address it.
Please use the Stakeholders Analysis Matrix template (Excel spreadsheet)—–
Fill in the Excel sheet I will attach below. Most of it is already filled in, just add a bit more research on two additional stakeholders and more specific information about engaging the stakeholders with other programs and strategies. There is no need for an actual essay or any other writing.
The public health issue is stigmas associated with seeking mental health services, and the community I’m researching is Tarrant County, Texas.


Discuss the political impact would affect the law makers relationship with the lobbyist of the big corporations and may affect the re-elections option of the State and Congress representatives.

Write a discussion on how a population-health approach could be used/is being used to address any healthcare disparities gleaned from your research.

If the sensory nerves all use exactly the same form of communication (a neural impulse), how, then, do we experience many different kids of sensations?

What you should do know is start the game and have fun with it like every two or three days you log in and place an investment (Buy and Sell) every thing is provided.

Explain how strong is the relationship between stress and headache, heart disease, infectious disease, ulcers, diabetes, or any other disease?

Describe what aspects of a population health approach are being used to address the problem (Hint: If you click on the topic within the CDC site, they identify best practices or interventions).

Write a comparative essay including the works cited.

Discuss about designing a mobile app that connects family and friends.

Write a research paper on sustainability, climate and environmental issues.

Every program has risks associated with it. This week, I want you to review your idea(IDEA FROM WEEK 2 IS PROVIDED) and provide a risk analysis. What are the potential risks involved with this program, and what processes can be put in place to manage these risks? One specific risk that I want you to discuss is related to cultural differences. Please assume that your company is a multinational corporation…will this program work in all areas of the business? If not, how can it be adapted for the other country/countries involved?
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