I need a solution on – Reflect on connectedness of exchange between client and student-Reflect on connectedness of exchange between client and student

-Please copy rubric to fix my paper and make the corrections the professor said! My paper is labeled Samantha which needs to be fixed. I attached the rubric with professor comments.
Paper outline:Mid-Term Paper: Due (03/13/22)
Critical Analysis of Client and Worker Interaction
This assignment gives students the opportunity to:
Summarize the salient points of a client interaction.Deconstruct a piece of process with a client in an effort to pinpoint and intent of the exchange.Scrutinize how well the student was tuned into the client experience and the message intended by the client.Reflect on connectedness of exchange between client and studentOffer insight into potential obstacles or identification of strengths in skills application.Assignment Structure:.
Present a summary of the case situation which includes your assessment, treatment plan and other relevant issues.
Present a critical analysis: an excerpt from your practice in which you tried to provide help to an individual, group, family, or community.Use 7-8 transactions. Start with a verbal or non-verbal client response. Underline the things you said or did and number your actions. Where silence is a response, Explain.. Select four client/worker transactions and answer the following questions for each. Try to select sequential interventions.
What is your present “reading” or understanding of what the client is primarily saying or doing? (Try to say from the client’s shoes what he/she might be feeling or thinking).
What was your response (or silence) designed to achieve, i.e., what was your purpose or intention?
Evaluate the extent to which your response was connected to the client’s communication (How connected were you to what the client was thinking or feeling?)
Discuss whether only partially connected or disconnected, what were you experiencing at the moment that might have affected your response?
What specific social work skill(s) could you have utilized to enhance you/or the client’s connection to the transaction.
Based upon what you know now, how would you respond differently? (Give a specific replacement response).
Briefly discuss something you learned about your practice through this assignment.Where applicable cite course literature to highlight your discussion.
-Midterm Feedback/Rubric for my paper:**Criteria Ratings PtsSummary of the Case situationview longer descriiptionCommentsGood. Information provided was extensive.3 / 3 ptsSets up the necessary structure for the assignmentview longer descriiptionCommentsGood7 / 7 pts3 (2a). Describe empathic understanding of client’s experienceview longer descriiptionCommentsExcellent however a bit detailed.4 / 5 pts4 (2b). Describe the purpose and/or intention of the student’s response to the clientview longer descriiptionCommentsMore detail needed. Each interaction needed to be described and discussed in terms of connection/disconnection. An example of this, is when client informed that she is transgendered, you were silent. Was this an appropriate response? What was being experienced in that moment? what is an alternative response? Another example where this was not addressed was:“I’m not fit to be loved by people. If only I was not a transgender and be a better girl-friend.”Intern Response 6: “That’s a pity. You being transgender does not guarantee what you wentthrough. Do you believe it would have changed if you were of different gender, and does this be-lief stretch and affect your friendships?”
Note each of the interaction can be a page to two pages to fully discuss and address the requirement of the paper but most of the information provided were in summary without in depth discussion etc.2 / 5 pts5 (2c and d). Evaluation and critique of connectedness to clientview longer descriiptionCommentsThis section needs to also be more detailed in all the 4 sections of the paper. See previous comment3 / 7 pts6 (2e). Replacement Responseview longer descriiptionCommentsLimited replacement response provided. See comment on how instruction was not fully addressed.3 / 5 pts7 (3). Discussion of learningview longer descriiptionCommentsThis section can be more expansive and detailed.3 / 5 ptsPaper Presentationview longer descriiptionCommentsNo significant issues noted3 / 3 ptsTotal Points: 28
-Example paper please see for reference
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