Final Political Analysis Memo:Looking Forward: “Hindsight is 2020”DUE 05/09/22 by 11:59pm (upload via Canvas)OVERVIEW:Your final, cumulative writing assignment for POLS 5 is to put forth your own ballotproposition to address an issue you see within state or local politics. Knowing what youknow now over the course of our time together, you should have identified an issuerelevant to local or statewide politics to be approved by the instructor via Canvas by Nov22nd. Now rather than researching a proposition that has already passed, you have toput yourself in the shoes of a campaign manager creating your own proposition Becreative but be realistic as well! (For example you cannot create an initiative to ban theelectoral college as that is not within the scope of the state legislature).Some possible ideas:1. A proposition created to create tuition free higher education2. A proposition to make local elections partisan.3. A proposition to make statewide elections nonpartisan4. An initiative to phase out fossil fuels5. An initiative to cut taxes (but be especially specific if you go this route! We haveincome taxes, local taxes, “sin” taxes, etc. Keep in mind this is CA or locallyrelevant as we cannot shape federal taxes through direct democracy)6. An initiative to create a new regulation on an industry7. An initiative to eliminate a specific regulation on an industry8. An initiative to lower the voting age to 16.9. An initiative to ban single use plastics statewide.10. An initiative to increase civics education funding.11. An initiative that increased the number of elected officials statewide,12. An initiative that decreases the number of elected officials statewide13. An initiative to create an elected statewide executive office (CA insurancecommissioner was created this way!)14. An initiative to make the Superintendent of Public Instruction and InsuranceCommissioner’s races partisan, rather then nonpartisan.15. An initiative to restore cross-filing for candidates.16. An initiative to increase fines for littering.17. An initiative to ban the sale of meat.18. An initiative to legalize rent control statewide.19. An initiative that would put forth harsher penalties for drug use.20. An initiative to decriminalize drug use.21. An initiative to legalize all fireworks.22. An initiative to ban all fireworks.23. Get creative! Almost anything (Reasonable) with respect to the issue that you’vechosen is fair game. However, remember, your topic MUST be approved by theinstructor by Nov 22nd at the latest.For this Final Political Analysis Memo (Looking Across & Looking Back: California 2020,in 20/20) you should put yourself in the shoes of a political campaign managerseeking to pass an initiative (or referendum if you are attempting to block a lawthat has been recently passed). Just as you did for your midterm memo, you shouldconsider a variety of factors when considering this proposition: What does voting “yes” on this initiative mean? What about voting “No?” Who willsupport this initiative? Who will oppose these efforts? Major newspaper editorial support/opposition. Where will the major political parties most likely stand on this issue? Will you have to rely on fundraising and donors to support your campaign? Or willyou have to take on a grassroots effort with a more limited budget? How much money will you need to raise? What kinds of other strategies can you develop? What political leaders or even public figures might be willing to support yourcampaign? What interest groups may support your intiative? Do they have financialresources to support you? What interest groups may oppose your intiative? Do they finnaical resources tooppose you? How will you frame your messaging? Is your proposition likely to pass next election cycle? How do you expect votes to differ in different regions of California? Think Ruralvs. Urban, what industries are affected (if any), etc.Through your work on the Midterm Memo you should have developed some insight andexpertise about the direct democracy process, and issues statewide. You may considera variety of factors including: the specific ballot proposition you created and it’s particular domain of policy andpolitics, and the regional political dynamics, culture, and context of your Region (NorthernCalifornia, Bay Area, Greater Sacramento, San Joaquin Valley, or SouthernCalifornia).As well as: Interest Groups Political Culture & Ideology Political Parties Other Institutions Collective Action Understanding the “Rules of the Game” The history of California, direct democracy, the progressive movement & CA politics.In this Final Memo, you are asked to also Look back, and look forward. Think aboutthese regions and historical election results to better understand the distinctive featuresconcerning your chosen ballot proposition and its substantive policy area, as well as thelocal regions within the state. The overall objective of the Final Memo is for you todevelop a proposition that will demonstrate you understand the political process,key players, institutions, groups, and the ‘rules of the game’. It is also anopportunity for you to think about how you might address an issue that you haveidentified in your local community, or statewide.As with your first memo, I encourage you to be creative with presentation and format forthis Last Memo.LENGTH & FORMATTING:The Final Memo should be 2-3 pages in length, with a minimum of 500-750 wordsin 12pt. font of your choice, within reason (i.e., Times New Roman, Helvetica, Arial,PROPER CITATION & STYLE:As with the Midterm Memo, you are allowed to use any citation style you prefer as longas it is an official style (i.e. MLA or Chicago). In addition to citing your sourcesthroughout, your Memo must also include a complete Bibliography on a separatepage after you have written your final page of textNote: You should always cite to the primary source rather than citing to secondaryonline sources with crowdsourced information—as such, it is not acceptable to cite toWikipedia and/or Ballotpedia in your Final Political Analysis Memo. Always go toback to the original primary source cited, verify it, and cite it directly in yourMemo.
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